London’s Lost Rivers: A Walker’s Guide Vol. 2

Londons Lost Rivers Vol 1 - new edition cover

London’s Lost Rivers Volume 2 is the long-awaited follow-up to Volume 1, which was first published in 2010. The new volume features walks along nine more of London’s fascinating network of buried rivers, tracing the impressions they have left on our city. These walks are guaranteed even stranger and more obscure, tracking barely-remembered rivers such as the Black Ditch, the Bollo Brook, and the Cock and Pye Ditch while also following the marginally better known – the Falcon Brook, Hackney Brook, the Moselle, Stamford Brook and more.

“The shades of Sinclair, Sebald & Self cluster thick & fast in this remarkable exercise in Gonzo archaeology.” – Alex Diggins, The Clearing

It is available from purveyors of unpopular culture, Strange Attractor.

And a new, thoroughly revised edition of London’s Lost Rivers Volume 1 is also available, incorporating all the changes that have happened to London and its rivers since it was first published in 2010.

City of Lost Hospitals audio walk


This audio walk, beautifully produced by London City of the Dead, takes a stroll around the Old Street and City Road area, once the edge of London. This was once the hospital district, but of the vast institutions lined up on these streets only one is left. Buy the walk online to find out what happened to all the others. 

Lockdown theatre: The Cherry Orchard


Garry Hynes’ fascinating production of The Cherry Orchard, recorded on stage at the Druid Theatre, Galway, with an A-rated Druid cast.

Lockdown listening: Thirty Pounds of Bone – whence, the


Dark, layered and full of tiny moment: my review for The Quietus of the new album from Thirty Pounds of Bone.


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