Camden Town: Dreams of Another London


My new book, a cultural history of Camden Town, is now out from British Library Publications. It takes five landmarks as the starting point for a series of journeys into the layers of history and culture that make Camden Town, and to tell the stories of those who shaped Camden Town, an essential part of London’s future well-being.

Edge Walking No.12: The Dengie36325379163_7896036590_k

This is the latest in my series about walking the Essex coast, published on Caught by the River. Here are the preceding instalments: OneTwoThreeFour,  FiveSixSeven, Eight, NineTen and Eleven. Jo and I have been walking, slowly, around the coast of Britain for several years. Since Spring 2016 we have been walking the winding Essex coast wall. This installment crosses the most remote location in the South East, the Dengie Marshes, where everything loses its meaning.

More episodes to come, published on Caught by the River.

Salm: Gaelic Psalms from the Hebrides

My review for The Quietus of the captivating Gaelic psalm singing style, still practised in the chapels of the Isle of Lewis.

Theatre blog: Becoming Shades

Becoming Shades at VAULT Festival 2018 (courtesy Maximilian Webster) 2

Jaw dropping circus performance from Chivaree Circus.