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My music reviews are published on and They cover folk, psychedelia, electronics and, err… Gaelic free heterophony.

The Great Mountain – Waterless Hills (2020)


Discontent is a Luxury of the Well-To-Do – Incredible Self Confidence (2019)


Still Every Year They Went – Thirty Pounds of Bone and Philip Reeder (2019)

The Mind is a Trap – Serafina Steer (2019)


The Fiery Margin – Alasdair Roberts (2019)


Chanctonbury Rings – Justin Hopper & Sharron Kraus with the Belbury Poly (2019)


Astral Social Club & Grumbing Fur Time Machine Orchestra – Plasma Splice Trifle (2019)


C. Joynes and the Furlong Bray – The Borametz Tree (2019)


Laurence Pike – Holy Spring (2019)


Laura Cannell – The Sky Untuned (2019)


Leafcutter John – Yes! Come Parade With Us (2019)



Incredible Self Confidence – EP#1


Teeth of the Sea – Wraith (2019)

Brighde – CD wallet.indd

Brìghde Chaimbeul – The Reeling (2019)