I worked in the research team at CABE (the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment) for 6 years, including as Head of Research, managing research projects on a range of built environment issues, from the value of design to perceptions of beauty.

People and Places: Public Attitudes to Beauty (2010)

People and Places: Seven Essays on Beauty (2010)

Ordinary Places (2010)

Who Should Build Our Homes? (2009)

Space in New Homes: What Residents Think (2009)

No More Toxic Assets: Fresh Thinking on Housing Quality (2009)

Paved With Gold: The Real Value of Street Design (2007)

Mapping Value in the Built Environment (2006)

The Value Handbook: Getting the Most from your Buildings and Spaces (2006)

The Cost of Bad Design (2006)

Physical Capital: How Great Places Boost Public Value (2005)

Design With Distinction: The Value of Good Building Design in Higher Education (2005)

Better Neighbourhoods: Making Higher Densities Work (2005)

21st Century Libraries: Changing Forms, Changing Futures (2004)