I have completed a PhD in the Bartlett Space Syntax Laboratory, UCL, funded by an EPSRC Studentship. My thesis investigates the spatial, social and economic separation caused by London’s railway terminals: Wrong Side of the Tracks: The Development of London’s Railway Terminus Neighbourhoods. It show how places located behind large stations develop very different characters over time, with places behind London’s terminals disadvantaged. My research uses historical, spatial and urban analysis techniques to look beyond the timescales of individual decisions, tracking change between the 1880s and today.

I have published a paper as part of my research: The Spatial Character of London’s Railway Terminus Neighbourhoods, and a chapter entitled ‘Railway Terminals and Separation: Marylebone and Paddington Stations, London’ in Urban Renewal, Community and Participation (2018, ed. Clark, J. Springer Urban Book Series), and have spoken at several conferences.

I have co-written a paper on the policy impact of Space Syntax research, as part of a research project funded by UCL’s Bartlett Enterprise Development Fund.

I have also co-written The Past, Present and Futures of the High Street with Prof. Laura Vaughan, and Mid-Sized Cities: Their Role in England’s Economy with Paul Hildreth.

My ResearchGate profile is here.