I write on a range of subjects, mostly connected by the hidden character and history of places, for publications from Londonist to the Guardian. Many pieces are about London, some related to my five books: Camden Town, London’s Lost Rivers Volume 1 and Volume 2, Low Country,  and Vanished City.

I wrote twelve short Plague Walks pieces about Streatham and West Norwood during the 2020 pandemic, one of which was published in Caught by the River.

Two companion pieces for Caught by the River are about the East Anglian coastline. The Sun Goes Down Over Suffolk looks back to the end of summer 2019 from the depths of the pandemic. After Norfolk returns to the coast as the lockdown eased in summer 2020.

I made a film about St. James’s Gardens, next to Euston Station, shot just before they were razed to the ground.

I have written several articles for the Wellcome Collection: on London’s Lost Hospitals, Euston’s Lost Burial Ground and Fairs, Fires and the Future of Smithfield; a mini-article about the holy grail on Regent Street, an article on London’s graffiti history, and a piece on the bones of Shepherd’s Bush, an appreciation of an ancient book about London’s Spas, Baths and Wells and three Shadows and Reflections articles for Caught by the River, looking back on 2018, 2019 and 2020.

There are also theatre reviews, including for Plays International. I was brought up near Stratford-upon-Avon, so I started young, and I have been a member of the Olivier Awards Judging Panel, covering the fringe award. I’ve also written a short history of Royal Shakespeare Company programme design, including my top 13 programme covers.

I also write music reviews covering, broadly, folk, electronics and psychedelia.

I’ve written about my favourite film, Robinson in Ruins.

Here’s my review of Tom Chivers’ book London Clay.

There’s even a poem, commissioned by Virtual Verse.

My work appears in two other books: Londonist Mapped (AA Publishing, 2017) and Ways to Wander (Triarchy Press, 2015).