“The two hours of the walk passed remarkably quickly, sped by Tom Bolton’s encyclopaedic knowledge of the borough.” SAVE Britain’s Heritage newsletter, Jan 2018

I lead walks tracing London’s lost rivers and vanished neighbourhoods. Do contact me if you would like to arrange a walk.

Most recently…

Camden Town


Revealing the Westbourne

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Revealing the lost River Walbrook


Ratcliff and Limehouse Lost walks


Lost London Bridge walk with the Museum of Walking


A dark October evening was the ideal setting for a walk exploring the vanished neighbourhoods around London Bridge Station: Horsleydown, once known as ‘London’s Larder’; St. Olave’s, featuring in ancient Norse myth, the herring trade; Bridge Without, a ghost City ward; and St. Thomas’s, the site of a hospital that is no longer there. Once the centre for London’s brewing trade, pottery, and leather production, the lost landscapes of industry and wharves that dominated the riverside until remarkably recently were thoroughly explored.

Online walks

The Royal Geographical Society Discovering Britain site has two of my walks in online versions:

Lost East End ties together the lost neighbourhoods of Wellclose, Ratcliff and Limehouse Chinatown in an East End epic. It’s a glimpse of the Vanished City.

St.Pancras Trail goes behind the sheen of redeveloped King’s Cross to located Old St. Pancras and some of the least visited places in central London.

Past highlights

2016 walks

The Lost Tyburn

Old St. Pancras – Discovering Britain

Forgotten Camden – Camden People’s Theatre

2015 walks

Lost Aldwych – Museum of Walking

Norton Folgate Lost – Museum of Walking

Old St. Pancras – Museum of Walking

The Lost Fleet – Totally Thames

The Lost Tyburn – Totally Thames

2014 walks

Walk the River Fleet – Cities Methodologies, UCL Urban Lab

River Peck & River Tyburn, Totally Thames

Walks along the Rivers Fleet, Neckinger, Tyburn, Walbrook

2013 walks

Rivers Effra, Neckinger and Walbrook – Mayor’s Thames Festival

2012 walks

River Tyburn walk for Kerry Andrew’s Lost River Songs, Handel House Museum

Neckinger, Atlas Obscura Day

Revealing the River Neckinger – Talking Walking

City of London Rivers Walk – Whitechapel Gallery

2011 walks

River Fleet

River Neckinger

Lost Rivers of Hampstead, Camden Players

Release the Walbrook, Rethinking Cities

River Tyburn

2010 walks

The Lost River Fleet, Atlas Obscura