Centre for Cities

I worked at Centre for Cities for two and half years, producing a series of research reports on city economies and working with local authorities on planning and economic strategy.


London’s Growth Deal: Focusing on the Centre (2014)

London 2030 (2013)

Evolving London (2012)

Plan C for Cities (2012)

Deal or No Deal? A Progress Report on City Deals (2012)

LEPs: Cause Celebre or  Cause for Concern? (2011)

Investing in Growth Cities (2011)

Advancing Ambitions: Creating a Sustainable Economic Future for Sheffield (2011)

Articles and briefings

High Speed Europe: Eight Lessons for the UK (2014)

London 2030: Tackling Growth Challenges (2013)

London 2030: Challenges for Development in London (2013)

London 2030: Challenges for Employment in London (2013)

London 2030: Will London Fail to Meet Transport Demand (2030)

Great Expectations: Where Next for London (2012)

Wave One City Deal Insights (2013)

Why do Mid-Sized Cities Matter (2013)

Where is Devolution Now? (2013)

Wave Two City Deals Briefing (2012)

New Government Funding Focuses on LEPs (2012)

A Great LEP Forward? (2012)

Do City Deals Need a Shot in the Arm? (2012)

Never Mind the NPPF: What About the Growth (2012)

Briefing: National Planning Policy Framework (2011)

Sink or Swim: What Next for LEPs (2011)