Anatomising London (first published in Curiocity D: London Dissected)

The Bones of Shepherd’s Bush (first published in Curiocity C: Celestial London)

Caught by the Effra (Caught by the River)

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In Search of the Grail, Just off Lower Regent Street (first published in Curiocity C: Celestial London)

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The Lost Hamlet of Ratcliff – (Spitalfields Life 2015)

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Ten Vanished and Vanishing London Experiences (Londonist)

Walbook Stolen by Monks (Londonist)

Walking the Peck (In Antidote to Indifference Issue 5, February 2013 – Caught by the River, print only)

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Which London Neighbourhoods Will Vanish Next? (The Guardian)