The Holy Grail on Regent Street


The pursuit of the Grail: the journey to which every pilgrimage aspires. As we know from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the personal quest is a dangerous illusion. If you lack self-knowledge and are unable to see beneath the surface sheen, the results are fatal. Julian Glover chose poorly.

So, are you sure you’re ready for the final challenge? Are you prepared to go to the last place on earth you would choose? The route is simple. No more than a minute’s walk from Piccadilly Circus, among the Angus Steak Houses, the Garfunkels and the all-you-eat pizza buffets of Haymarket, is the king of restaurants you never want to visit: Planet Hollywood. Steel yourself to approach its side windows on Norris Street, where props from lost 90s movies are displayed in cheap cases. The third window west… look closer… a battered chalice… surely it can’t be… not here… the true carpenter’s cup! Last seen disappearing down a crevasse in 1989, somewhere deep inside the Great Temple of Petra, the grail is hidden in plain sight in the dingy heart of tourist London. The search is at an end, the dark is vanquished, the balance between good and evil righted, and everlasting life is yours for the taking. All you have to do is enter and choose.

First published in Curiocity E: Escaping London (September 2013)