Get A Round


Get A Round by Eggs Collective – Summerhall, Edinburgh

Eggs Collecive aren’t messing around. They promise a legendary night out – a night of hard drinking, hard dancing, and hard throwing up. Summerhall has give them alcohol training, so they can liberally dose their audience with something that might be Hooch. Dressed to hit the town, Leonie Higgins, Lowri Evans and Sara Cocker take the audience with them, assigning roles such as ‘Hugh What’, the guy who needs everything explaining to him very slowly.

The party tunes and clubbing confessions seem familiar at first, but Eggs Collective are subtle performers. Experts at drawing the audience in, they play gently with the stereotypes and shared experiences of three young women on a night out together. Recreating something we recognise, they also show us a darker side. Could it be that we are only able to express our real insecurities head in a bucket at 2am? Are friends the only people who can rescue us? A hugely enjoyable evening, Get A Round shows off the talents of three watchable, clever performers who together make up a strong and subversive ensemble.


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