The Spinners


The Spinners by Limosani Projekts – Dancebase, Edinburgh

A collaboration between Scottish director Al Seed and Australian choreographer Lima Limosani, The Spinners is an enthralling dance piece that shows us The Fates in action. The three women –  Limosani herself, with Tara Jade Samaya and Kialea-Nadine Williams – occupy a sort of workshop hung with woven dolls, each representing a human life. They conduct repeated rituals drawing out and tying threads to create, and snipping the threads before casting dolls into a deep cauldron to end what they began. The three dancers work beautifully together, hinting a combined series of female creation myths beyond the Greek narrative. They are birthed from one another, forming a line of three that never ends, and perform miraculous sequences tangling and disentangling threads with their limbs and a set of giant knitting needles.

The story involves conflict and dissent, but the women work together always. They creates images by using their bodies as trio, with sequences of shapes flowing as they merge and combining. The soundtrack by Guy Veale is electronic, suggesting churning activity emerging from this strange room. The Spinners is a show of the highest quality, with a range of exceptional skills creating something captivating and original.

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