Knot by Nikki Rummer & JD Broussé – Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh

Nikki and JD are a couple, or so they tell us. Standing in front of microphones they explain their story, but how much of it is true? The lines between performance and reality are blurred, but they are dancers and acrobats who express themselves through movement. When they dance they tell the truth. Many of the physical feats in Knot are absolutely terrifying, not least those that involve Nikki standing on the crown of JD’s head before diving headfirst to the floor. He catches her, every time. Many of their moves need a slow motion replay to fully appreciate what they have just done, but their dance is subtle and moving as well as spectacular.

There is no way anyone could perform with such mind-blowing physical commitment without complete, mutual trust. The nature of that trust is unpicked as Nikki and JD reveal themselves, their personal lives and the strange dependence of performers. Knot is both an examination of the everyday cost of being on stage, and an astonishing demonstration of why it matters.

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