Raven by Chamaleon Productions

The three women who perform ‘Raven’ are Germans, acrobats and mothers. Having children means their lives no longer fit the template for performers. The precarious, risky and poorly paid existence of a female acrobat constantly conflicts with expectations of a mother, and in Germany they are ‘raven mothers’, the term for women who put themselves above their children.

The show is beautifully judged and full of clever moments. It provides a showcase for Romy, Lena and Anke’s remarkable rope work, dance and contortionist skills, but they are also funny and engaging performers. They make deceptively light work of describing their lives and families. It is a pleasure to watch them as they confess their fears and express themselves through cunningly choreographed movement, at one disappearing one after another down the back of a sofa. ‘Raven’ is a well crafted, experimental piece that gives a voice to women who feel sidelined.

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