Honeypot by Natalie Ann Boyd – Streatham Space, London

Honeypot is a clever piece of contemporary theatre with social critique at its core. Six female performers reconstruct scenes from stories and fairytales that project idealised, versions of women, and gleefully pull them to pieces. Cinderella is shown in the Ladies before her wedding to Prince Charming, wondering how she got into this situation. The Ugly Sisters have body image issues. Tinkerbell is an influencer, selling beauty products. Red Riding Hood is hassled on the bus by wolf whistling strangers. The show packs in women’s experiences from pregnancy to mental health via FGM and ageing, filtering them through the cultural narratives we accept without thinking too hard. The writing is  enjoyably confrontational, and the young performers exuberant. Abbi Douetil is the stand out performer as everyone from Cinderella’s stepmother, suffering from cystitis, to Wendy. Writer Natalie Ann Boyd has plenty to say, and keeping an eye on how her work develops would be a smart move.

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